• Buying a Used Petrol Lawnmower – what to look for

    If you’re looking to purchase a lawnmower but don’t want to buy a brand new one, then there are bargains to be had when buying used. That said, you do need to do your due diligence and ask the right questions, as in most cases (certainly when buying privately), you won’t have the safety net of a warranty or guarantee to protect you.

    With waste levels high in public awareness right now, more and more people are turning towards used items to help reduce their carbon footprint. The ‘make do and mend’ thinking is a growing trend and has the benefit of saving money too!

    So, the first place to look when buying a used lawnmower would be the internet. Sites such as eBay and Gumtree will often have used mowers for sale and these sites allow you to search locally near you. Being a heavy, bulky item, it’s unlikely a seller will provide delivery so collection in person is the only option. Another place to look is online lawnmower forums. Yes, they do exist! A quick search on Google for “lawnmower forum” will give you the best sites to look on and many will have a For Sale and Wanted section for members to post. Here, you’re also in the right place to get a second opinion on the type of mower you need for your own lawn, so feel free to register and ask some questions if you need help.

    Finding the right mower may be exciting but don’t let that stop you from asking some questions before committing to buy. Ask questions about when the mower was last serviced or if any parts have been replaced. Ask the cost of any replaced items and where they sourced the spares from. All this will help you if you ever need the same parts in future.

    An obvious question to ask is why they are selling the mower? Most times it will be due to an honest and valid reason such as moving to a new house but could be for a less honourable reason such as the mower is faulty. Ask the question and see what reply you get.

    Ask about the servicing for the mower and how often it needs to be done. Also ask where is the nearest service centre that can carry out a service (if you don’t want to do it yourself that is). If the seller is assertive with their answer to this then it’s likely the mower has been serviced on a regular basis. If they scratch their head or look upwards, then they’re likely trying to remember when it was last serviced – this is a warning sign!

    You need to also consider the running costs of a mower and the things to ask about are:

    • How much petrol does it consume?
    • How much is the oil?
    • How often do the blades need sharpening and how much?

    The thought of buying a used mower doesn’t mean you end up with an archaic mower from a bygone era! Far from it. There are also people selling mowers for several valid reasons so don’t shy away from buying used and grabbing yourself a bargain.

    However, if after searching you can’t find the right used mower and buying new is the only option left, then look at this petrol mower review site, https://www.bestpetrollawnmower.com, for buying tips and advice.…

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  • New start

    If you’re visting here after the recent email campaign I sent out to existing subscribers then a warm welcome to you all. I have a new domain and hosting for the site which is just the beginning of a new journey.

    Regular followers will know I’m keen on all things gardening especially well kept and manicured lawns! It’s a bit of a passion of mine and enjoy sharing tips and advice to anyone who listens!

    I’ve got lots planned for the blog and will let you know as soon as new content is published.

    As winter is here now, the maintenance jobs in the garden are dwindling down but there’s always something to do. For me, it’s putting away things for the winter that won’t be needed e.g hose reels, garden furniture.

    Anyway, less of my rambling, time to go. Come back soon for more content!

    Alan Leach…